Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thank you Gujaratis

So, all those intelligent Gujaratis actually went ahead and voted the same guy who was ruling them for 10 years back into power? No change wanted at all? And all those shouted anti-incumbency are hiding right now. (I think we need an anti-incumbency vote against news channels, btw).

You mean, Gujaratis actually dissed the dynasty that has the Right to Rule over India? I mean, they forgot that they could buy potatoes at 3 rupees a kilo (if not anything, that was a promise, no?). You mean, they actually ignored Sonia despite few' 'big' rallies where prepared scripts were read out? You mean they ignored the flights of fancy and voted for facts? They ignored the 'fake' promise of free houses?No wonder the seculars are hopping mad.

You mean, they actually voted for a party with a leader (that leader has developed Gujarat better than any other Indian state) over a party which had no leader? And that they voted for a chief minister who has delivered for 10 years works over a prince who has promised for 10 years?

They actually voted for 24 hour electricity and not for a bulb in every dalits house (yes, baba said this in UP, so I presume they will repeat this elsewhere)?

They actually voted for development for another 5 years? Arent they fed up of good roads? And electricity? And water? And all those industries in Gujarat that are providing employment? And those bus transit systems? And those clean riverfronts? And solar energy? And Muslims and Patels alike turned out to be wanting development? Not appeasement? Not secularism - the fake one, of course? Even Gujarats Muslims rejected the black hand? And those Patels? Caste groupings? Where did that go?

Why do Gujjus demand to be in the front all the time?

The rest of India is sinking and the time was actually ripe for a Garibi Hatao slogan to be built in time for 2014, complete with chasing monkey employment schemes, money for liquor cash transfer schemes, free food and free gadgets that wont work (because we forgot the electricity) and special targeted schemes for Congress voters.

And those smart ass journos and analysts thought that all those surging crowds at the polling booths were for driving out a performing government and getting in a non performing corrupt government? And what happened to all those people who Rahul waved to? All those hand waves did not translate into a wave?Or were they saying, bye?

Now what will all those policy think tankards write about? There were some who told us that corruption was in India (and presumably Italy’s) genes. And some who told us that India cannot ever develop. But these Gujarat voters are hell bent on proving them wrong.

Oh, well, they might claim Gujaratis descended from somewhere else and therefore it is only in the rest of Indias genes. Maybe, Gujarat split during a continental drift from America and joined us here.

Ok. Let us wait for another 5 years for mindless analysis about how Gujarat is just as bad as any Congress state…

(This is a follow up post to this one: Dear Gujaratis)
(Cross posted at FBJP too, I suppose)

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