Thursday, January 31, 2013

Intelligent Calendar please

A few years back, we were all celebrating the arrival of Web 2.0 which was an improvement over Web 1.0. Static websites were dead, dynamic was in. The web was pronounced to be ‘intelligent’. And then came the app wave – which we are in now. And the logical next step is supposed to be internet of things. But there is some more intelligence that can be built in – in some small simple ways. Take a calendar for instance. 

In my view, that calendar which we use in most web apps is one of the remnants of the dinosaur age of the internet and needs some tweaking.

In most websites – travel booking websites – the calendars are still organized monthly. As in, let us say, that today, 31st Jan, I try to book a ticket – the calendar will show me static months. Some websites have the provision of multiple months nearby, but this is not the same thing as being able to move your mouse and change the month. Or in a mobile phone – when I click calendar, I should see, logically, date starting from today – and showing me a slightly longer perspective than the current month with the next 2 days and a greyed out February first week. Question is, why cant these calendars be ‘intelligent’?

Or, better put, why do calendars still follow a frozen monthly pattern as we used to see in paper based calendars. There, is actually, no calendar designed for the internet – not that I have seen one yet. Is there a better calendar, an intelligent one, designed for the internet?

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