Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It cannot be done, it cannot be done

More reams of newsprint have been written on and more airtime spent and more internet bandwidth, gigabytes have been spent on Narendra Modi than perhaps anyone else in Indian political history. Possibly, the rulers at the center have spent more money propping up these cardboard props as well.

Many talking heads have shaken their heads, very solemnly and pronounced, why Mr. Modi cannot become the Prime Minister of this country. And as they are wont to, they put the cart before the horse each time, pronouncing the verdict even before the chargesheet is filed.
Truth is that, right now, the only thing that is known is that Modi is clearly a frontrunner to be the candidate from the BJP whenever the 2014 elections are announced. Not even his actual candidature has been declared thus far. And even if his candidature is declared (and there are many including yours truly who would like to see it happen). From that point onward the BJP needs to win seats - which in my mind is the easier thing to do.

Post that, it has to match the shenanigans of the Congress and its money power and its rather magnetic ability to attract allies who are ever eager for a slice off the large pie that the 'service of people' often offers (which lesser mortals euphemistically term corruption). And then of course, the badge called secularism - the form practiced by Congress and eagerly supported by their media which is a perfect foil for indulging in corruption.

And as you can see, these are tougher than the mere formality of winning seats.
And I saw this video of CRI Editor Sahab trying to defend Modi amidst 3 other entities whose sole claim to fame is establishment worship or thereabouts about why Mr. Modi cannot be the Prime Minister of India . And that too on a channel that is known for dynasty worship. That is when it hit home.
This whole scene of the triumvitrate reminded me of the quote,

People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it - variously attributed to multiple people.
Those who say it can't be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it. Joel Arthur Barker
And also of the so called Crab mentality.

For all those talking heads saying it cannot be done for various, apparently, scholarly, reasons - the man, Narendra Modi is doing very well himself - for his 6 crore Gujaratis who are doing very well, thank you.

If these naysayers went ahead and did something productive, it might be worthwhile for the country
, instead of airing their views on why someone should not be a Prime Minister candidate. Unless they are on the payroll of some National Berozgar Journalist Scheme.

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