Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hamaari Maangey Poori Karo

"Hamaari Maangey Poori Karo"  is an oft repeated slogan heard in Hindi cinema and in real life protests as well. It is also used in the context of asking vote seeking politicians. The sad part of it is that this is used as an example of people power - when in reality it is perhaps the opposite.

Why does one have to prostrate in front of a politician or a political party or government to get something that is basic? Why does one have protest to seek justice? Why do citizens have to ask the government for something as elementary as water or good roads?

Why is a basic expectation from government and governance transferred as a "demand" that is then "fulfilled" by the "benevolent sarkaar?". I can understand this if we were governed by an occupying force, such as the British, but really, do we as a citizen need to spread our hands and ask for such benefits? Or genuflect in front of a political party to seek these? Or threaten a politician or a government to get these?

Yes, this is the sad part of the political system that we call democracy. If it were a democracy, then these needs would get fulfilled by a usual system of simple governance or by making an application to change a law or thereabouts? But in our twisted system of democracy - inherited and implemented by the same framework that the British used to keep the natives in check - these are not options. We have come to accept misgovernance, corruption and even non fulfillment of basic needs - like a typical occupying force.

And therefore, Hamaari Maangey Poori Karo is a sad reflection of what our democracy is today...

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