Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Ranbaxy story and a doubt

This Ranbaxy story published in 'Fortune' is quite a disturbing read. Read the entire thing, it is worth it.

But this leads me to a question.

A few years back someone told me how a 'Paracetmol' bought in Australia was more effective on his daughter than 'Paracetmol' bought in India. And he discovered this by accident when his daughter fell sick while travelling or some such. He came back and shared that with his doctor who told him that most Indian drugs are impure and hence less effective. Of course, I laughed that off at that point, but this episode is making me re-think the whole case.

I have my own similar anecdotal tale as well. Around a few years ago, I picked up an OTC medicine for a common cold abroad and with just one tablet my cold that had bothered me for a week in India vanished.

I am thinking that if under the guise of 'generics' the whole drugs industry is based on selling substandard products to unsuspecting customers.

Scary if it is anywhere near true!!

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