Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thoughts on Independence day

Over the last few Independence Days, I have not exactly found myself to be optimistic. See my previous posts here, here and here.

I remember, in school, we should be feel optimistic about celebrating an Independence Day. Since then, things have obviously got better, but clearly, we have a long long road to cover. 67 years later, we are struggling with basics.

While we have removed the shackles from the British, we still need to break our shackles at many levels.

The shackles of corruption - which seems hell bent to sell the country short.
The shackles of nepotism - which means only family members will get anywhere.
The shackles of leftists - which prevent us from getting to the truth of many issues. Including history.
The shackles of media - which has prevented them from reporting what is right.
The shackles of obscurantists - who are tolerated and allowed to thrive at the cost of ordinary folks.
I could go on and on, but this country needs another Independence movement.

However, as always, within this cloud is a silver lining. And the chance for us is now. For us, people like us, who need to step up and do what we can to get this country a better leader, a better government and gift a better future to our children. And unless people like you and me get out and do our bit, this battle is gone.

Yes, we can...this is our best chance

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