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Why should I vote for BJP?

Why should I vote for BJP?
A vote for BJP is a vote for Narendra Modi - a leader with a difference. A man who has risen from the ranks - a tea seller to a prospective Prime Minister. A vote for BJP is also for a vote for the NDA which has provided great governance in the states in which it rules. Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and now Goa.

Why should I vote for Narendra Modi?
Narendra Modi is a 3 term Chief Minister in Gujarat. Gujarat has progressed very well under his leadership. Gujarat over the last few years has shown some stellar development numbers. And received numerous awards in governance from the Central Government much of it under UPA, not NDA. Here is a column written on 26th October in the Indian Express using some of the latest NSO data, which is really a follow up to his earlier article in 2012. Here is one more written by Arvind Panagariya in the Business Standard, comparing Modis record in Gujarat to Congress in India.

All states have developed, not just Gujarat.
True in general - a rising tide lifts all ships, but Gujarat has shown growth in some interesting areas. Like agriculture for which Gujarat is not traditionally known for. Like tourism which was not a big deal. Gujarat also has 24 hour electricity - which apart from some big cities in India is practically unheard of. Another thing - Gujarat does not have growth engines like the big cities nor is it a traditional tourism destination like Kerala or Rajasthan and yet has shown growth in tourism as well.

What about human development indicators?
Human Development indicators show a lag behind other development indicators. But having said that, Gujarat has shown improvement in almost all areas - and this is because of the focus of the government and incentivizing the right behaviour. Like ensuring 100% enrollment of eligible girls in school - each year the government of Gujarat goes down to the villages and ensures attendance.Here are details of some schemes!

Oh, well, all politicians are equal. Modi is just a good marketeer.
Ah, well, they are not. Think of a politician and I will show you a scam. Whether it is Laloo Prasad or Mulayam or Mayawati or Oomen Chandy or Sonia G or Rahul G or PC Chidambaram. Modi is uncorruptible - na khaave na khaava deve. Unlike your integrity personified Manmohan Singh who has let numerous scams occur under his watch and despite knowing them done very little about it. This is not marketing, this is reality. Think about it - Modi under the watchful eyes of a biased press and a fairly biased government (Centre has not passed GCOCA after all these years) can do well with just marketing? And if you want to read paid news, do read articles about Rahul Gandhi and his genius though it is as apparent as the abominable snowman.

But what about Gujarat 2002?
Gujarat 2002 was not the first riot in India nor the last. Indeed just a few weeks big riots occurred in Muzafarnagar in UP - coming after about 100 odd riots in this year. Last year, Assam had big riots. The year before that it was West Bengal. Why are these not talked about is for you to think - there are reasons - but the prime reason is that these are under Congress or their allies rule. It is convenient for everyone to talk about 2002 - despite being exonerated by an SIT under the countries highest court. 2002 is the only riot where persons have been convicted - unlike 1984 which has been a slow dance of denial of justice.
There has been evidence enough fabrication of evidence around 2002, as noted by the SC. Sure, you can chose to not believe your own Supreme Court, but if that is the case, there is very little faith you have in your own country.
And did you know a lot of Congress corporators and members have been convicted (including Haji Bilal - prime accused) for both Godhra and its aftermath? Ever cared to ask how come Modi could not prevent Godhra from happening?

But Gujarat under Modi is all about majoritarianism.
Really? Do you have any data points around it? Gujarat, even as per the questionable Sachar committee has done better on almost parameters than other states. The only major case of majoritarianism in India is in Jammu and Kashmir where it is institutionalized and resulted in the forced exile of Kashmiri Pandits in the 90s. I would urge you to read more about it.

What about secularism?
Secularism in its purest definition is the state staying away from religion. Which is what Gujarat does in practice - does not discriminate in favour or against religion - after all which god you worship should not come in the way of poverty benefits or scholarships no? Did you know that the Congress with MIM in Hyderabad - which has an actually despicable communal agenda - do hear the speeches of MIM worthies in Parliament and out of it to know what they think. Then we can talk about communalism and secularism. And the only definition of real secularism is, Nation First.

There is more, but this is just for starters...
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