Saturday, October 26, 2013

Leftism is a lazy belief

I am astounded by the number of people who live in the corporate world hold cushy jobs and have a blatantly slanted view of the world. When I say slanted, I mean, these are the same people who enjoy all the benefits that centre of right reforms have provided. Much of the benefit of de-licencing industries, banking access, private companies, jobs, tax cuts have all flowed to this very segment.

And yet, after having access to the goodies of capitalism, they hold a leftist belief. I am unable to fathom why this is so, but my theory is that this is an easy belief - a lazy belief - a romantic belief. And this is fed by the very same media that takes capitalist money and spreads a stupid leftist belief.

Let me explain. Every two bit leftist shouts from the rooftop for example that salaries are going through the roof - and when people like us read crap like that, it induces a sense of guilt in us. The two bit leftist of course omits the fact that he or she gets paid to write like that (they do not write for free) and for the most part these leftism spewers accept capitalist money for their ventures or NGO's. But leave that aside - I have seen people working in IT industries crib that their own salaries are high and that IT money is easy money. Now prior to IT, there were many industries in India - chained by the licence raj and in those days profits were evil, so they made black money and shared very little with their workers. In effect, workers were taken for a ride. The IT industry shares more of its money with its people - and it is these people who drive markets for absorbing our surplus labour - people who work for like maids, drivers, gardeners. If it were not for this money, the other set of people would have an even worse existence. For example, today a maid earns more working in a house than working in a garment factory in Bangalore. Hear Milton Friedman on Capitalism in the most enlightening 2 minutes of your life!

But it is easy to have the thought someone in IT makes easy money, pays 30% tax - which the government duly squanders - and assuage the guilt by donating to some charity whose owner goes around in a BMW. This guilt makes oneself want to belief in a leftist ideology. Do you need to be guilty? Absolutely not - atleast I have no plans to be, though you are welcome if you want to. But you see, it is a very easy belief system to have.

And by the way has leftism and unbridled socialism created any great country? North Korea? Do read, The Animal farm by George Orwell to see how ideologies like this progress.

Second: These are the very people who have come up from their roots. Many of them one or two generations ago were poor (one of my own greatgrandfathers was a cook), buy they used education to bring themselves up. And these very people will argue for stupid rules like Right to Education. The Right to Education is less about education and more about discriminating in the name of religion (only Hindu schools are under RTE - bet you did not know this) and about arbitrary powers in the hands of a bureaucrat. There is no need for a Right to Education if our Education sector was a for profit sector. Atanu Dey put forward a beautiful argument on this, which is worth a read. But, does that stop schools and their rapacious owners from making a profit? Of course not. In the name of not making a profit, they pay their teachers less and fleece students and parents alike by charging MRP for every pencil and 50 rupees for a class photo and 100 rupees for a cheap CD and such like. Not to forget the donations.

The sooner we move to an equal opportunity (more schools) scheme than an equal outcome (reservations - spread by votebank) scheme - the better it is for us. Again, easy to believe that our country needs crappy legislations like RTE and reservations in the name of votebanks for education.

Third: Imagined victimhood leads to terrorism. Well, in that case, many people should have been terrorists.Women, to begin with. They have been oppressed by men through the centuries and continue to be. So, how come there is no Womens liberation front that guns down men and places bombs in pubs and cricket matches where men congregate? How come the Kashmir Pandits thrown out of their own houses for being Hindus did not become terrorists? And today more and more people are asking these questions:
If we do not appease people, indeed communities, they will become terrorists. When we talk like this, we seriously undermine the intelligence of communities - indeed insult them. But then, it is easy to appease religions and their bigots than ask them serious questions. Remember this, the real victims often have no voice. The Pandits in Kashmir (read Our moon has blood clots), the Hindus/Sikhs in Pakistan (read Train to Pakistan, Tamas) and Bangladesh (Lajja), the workers in the middle east about whom we hear some horror stories, the women of middle east (read Princess) rural India - there are many such oppressed who have not become terrorists. But then it is easy to believe in this no - because otherwise one has to ask uncomfortable questions about those fund these evil ideologies in the guise of charity and so on?

Fourth: Mother Teresa and the missionaries of charity. Are they into saving lives or saving souls (euphemism for conversion). I read Christopher Hitchens missionary position recently. Again, easy to believe that they are saving lives when they are into saving souls. This sentence in the book struck me

"It is another chapter in a millenial story which stretches back to the superstitious childhood of our species, and which depends on the exploitation of the simple and the humble by the cunning and the single-minded"

But in our books, anybody who opposes conversions is bad - because it is very easy to believe that. Therefore everyone of you has heard of Graham Staines, but very few of you would have heard about Lakshmananada Saraswati who was brutally murdered by 'Maoists' who later turned out to be 'Christians'. But, have you asked yourself, why two tribes are warring (this is in India) - after centuries of peaceful existence - the first insurgencies occured in the 1950s? What is it that in 1971 drove one religion in Bangladesh to kill and murder hundreds of co-Bangladeshis despite many years of co-existence and a common language and culture?

I can go on and on, but to sum it up, unless you read up things instead of depending on your daily media, your beliefs are unlikely to change.

So, if you encounter a leftist, you know that a lot of it comes from being lazy.

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