Thursday, October 31, 2013

What do you use your email for?

A few years back email was the way to communicate. Not a day would go without checking the various email accounts that were created when a rash of service providers offered an email inbox. People from across the world communicated with each other on email.

But over the last many months, I discovered that my frequency of checking email was reduced and I was not missing anything. The only place where I did rely on email was on groups - which I am part of and which has longer conversations happening. Other than that, conversations have moved to instant messaging on phone or facebook or even twitter. The second thing is that all of these service providers, like facebook and twitter have kind of spammed email with their notifications (yes, am sure they can be turned off, but who checks email regularly anyway). Even forwards have moved to instant conversations!

So the only reason email exists is as a repository of those instant conversations or the occasional friend who still has your email somewhere or job sites that keep spamming you with mostly irrelevant job offers.

However, at work email remains an integral part of the worklife. Interesting to see how these trends will reflect at work.

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