Saturday, November 16, 2013

Living in a fools paradise

There is this new Google advertisement on how google search helps someone born in pre-partition India meet his friend now living in pre-partition Pakistan. Frankly, a very well shot ad film. Great music. Tugs your heartstrings all along.

But two things. The ad is perfectly politically correct. No wrong notes anywhere. I mean, it is always two men reminiscing. Why not two women - ah tough no and perhaps a tad unrealistic? And then again, the Indian guy has a daughter and the Pakistan guy has a son. Very convenient, considering the exalted state of women in Pakistan.

Second, of course, the ad being aimed largely at India where we still believe in this kind of bullshit and live in a fools paradise and not at Pakistan, where I presume that the kind of people who believe in peace in India are in a micro minority of perhaps 5 in number and aged over 100 or scared to air their views publicly. This is not a joke - when was the last time you heard a rally in Pakistan demanding peace with India or even a candle light vigil for the victims of Pakistan sponsored attacks in India (like the 26/11 attacks for example). What we do have is someone like Hafiz Saeed leading the call for jihad against India and this rally attracts thousands. That is a reality check for the peaceniks who think that there are people out there working actively for peace.

We have an industry here that actively promotes peace between the two nations - that there is no such industry in Pakistan might be news here. And Pakistan exploits this by using people like Ghulam Nabi Fai who in turn taps into the desires of people in India to sell their country for free shopping.

And for those who talk about people to people contacts, I highly recommend Imran Khan - from fast bowler to the leader of a party that protests the death of a Taliban leader in a drone strike. If you have other examples of people to people contacts working in Indias favour, please let me know.

But perhaps someone should release a satirical replica of this ad featuring Kasab and his team Googling about Mumbai.

Of course, I might be absolutely wrong and everything from 1947 down might be just my imagination.

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