Sunday, November 10, 2013

The comforting theories we create for ourselves

A well known who I used to respect now talks of a supposedly inteligent theory: That communal violence is the cause of terrorism.

Fantastic. Can we have answers to two questions then. One is, this:

For a theory to be true, it has to be true in many places? Atleast in the neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan? Where Hindus have been killed with alarming regularity, their temples desecrated and their houses damaged and vandalized - why are they not turning into terrorists? Why, dear writer, why? Where is no Hindu Liberation Front operating out of Pakistan? Or Bangladesh?

The second, closer home, can you name a single Kashmiri Pandit terrorist? And their temples were desecrated, many of them were killed and the bulk of them were driven out of the valley by fear - somehow, when I last checked, the Kashmiri Pandits were not into revenge bombing?

Why is that so?

The answer is very simple which these people with alien intelligence do not want to see. That terrorism is a mix of funding, ideologues, foot soldiers. That means, someone has to pay money. Smuggle arms. Bombs. Recruit soldiers. Brainwash them. It is a huge industry - of vested interests.

And bonus 3rd question: By the way, did you hear of the Ahmadiyas terrorist organization in Pakistan. Me neither. Somehow seem to have missed the news.

Perhaps gravity works selectively as well. These comforting theories will get us nowhere. Tough questions need to be asked and answered. Till then, we live in a fog of our own making.

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