Sunday, November 03, 2013

Victims of terrorism

Recently, at a Narendra Modi rally in Patna, live bombs exploded leading to 6 deaths - that was an assassination attempt, an attempt to kill thousands by causing stampede and the fact that this is a case of lax security is not being debated is an irony in itself.

Now, these bombs were planted at his rally and those who succumbed did so because they happened to be at the venue. Now, quite naturally, it is a great gesture on NaMos part to meet the victims.

But the Congress and the RJD think it is votebank politics. Let us examine this.

Victims of terrorism, like victims of communal riots are victims first.Yet, the Prime Minister visited only the refugee camps of certain communities - but this is perfectly secular - and it, of course, nothing to do with any vote bank politics. None at all.
See what Nitin Gadkari says

Earlier, there was vote bank politics and sympathy for terrorists. Now, that sympathy has been converted into support for the sake of vote bank politics. Some parties are using their political power to help terrorist organisations and terrorist leaders. This is very unfortunate for the country. Because of vote bank politics, the present government is creating problems for the future of the country by supporting terrorist and terrorist organisations and adopting a sympathetic approach towards them. [Link to his interview in Financial Express]

But an eminent rabble rousing personality of the Congress can visit families of those arrested in terrorism related cases. Perfectly secular? Of course, the Congress distanced itself, but come on, the man holds a senior position in the party.

And so, if visiting terrorism victims has suddenly become communal, what to make of those visiting terrorism suspects? 

And then again from the Chindu, we get to hear stories of how an IM suspects father is struggling for survival. Well, dear newspaper, surely if you search for the victims families, you will find their sole breadwinner, a youth was killed in almost all cases (I googled, but looks like that great newspaper has done no profile of any victim - though I did read a few on twitter).

Update: And then again, inviting a Taliban leader to speak at a conference in India is also secular.

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