Monday, December 09, 2013

Dear Raj Thackeray

Dear Raj Thackeray,

I am sure you have watched the recent assembly elections with great interest. Assembly elections in Maharashtra are a few months away. Last time itself, Shiv Sena and MNS combined with BJP had more vote share than the Congress-NCP combine and yet see who is ruling.

And Maharashtra under this combine is heading at breakneck speed to join BiMaRU - to replace the Madhya Pradesh which is being steadfastly driven out of that combine by Shivraj Singh Chouhan (who incidentally got rewarded by a third term for great governance).

As you might already have perceived, there is a distinct anti-Congress wave in the country. In Delhi the votes went to BJP and AAP. In MP and Rajasthan and Chattisgarh, it went to BJP. Whether that benefits you in Maharashtra only time will tell.

As of now, your party is only serving to the benefit of the Congress. More than that, the voter who reposes her faith in your faith is also getting shortchanged. Let me explain.

Congress never unites, they divide. Either they divide at the policy level or they divide the opposition or the opposition divides itself. Look around at each state. Willy nilly this has happened.

They propped up GPP in Gujarat which disappeared faster than winter in Mumbai. For various reasons KJP was created in Karnataka which hurt the BJP, but hopefully the BJP will rectify its mistakes here. PRP was formed in Andhra only to merge with the Congress post election. MDMK did that in TN. In Delhi AAP was also seen to benefit them, but they realized too late that it came back to bite them and bite them badly.

We still don't know what will happen in Delhi, but as a Maharashtrian (my mother tongue is Tamil, but I am a Maharashtrian as per your definition), it is my solemn duty to remind you that if the opposition divides itself, Maharashtra - the state you and I and all the citizens love will be condemned for another few years of misrule. And your party will yet have to spend another 5 years not being able to do anything for the state you love.

This is your chance. You can either benefit from the anti-Congress wave or help the Congress buck the trend and give Maharashtra five years of misrule. That may yet not happen. There is a man, Narendra Modi, who has managed to capture the imagination of many in the country and that might be a great chance for you to align forces with him and give Maharashtra the good years of ruling that it needs.

The choice is yours, but the fact is that many ordinary Maharashtrians resonate with your point and look upto you. But if the vote that they give you, with the hope that you will make a real change to the issues you raise, goes wasted in not actually resolving the issue, but benefit the exact opposite side what is the point?

If your party and Shiv Sena and BJP join forces, there is no force in Maharashtra that can stop them.

Jai Maharashtra!

Thank you!

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