Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Delhi Games

So, the AAP has decided to form a government in Delhi with Congress support.

At one level, this is ironical - AAP did get a large chunk of the vote which was essentially an anti-Congress vote. And now they take support of the Congress to form a government that has come to power on an anti-corruption (and supposedly anti-Congress) platform.

Now that he does form the government he can take two paths.

One is to take action based on the Lokayukta and the Shunglu panel and implement the anti-corruption plan he came up on.
But this is unlikely to find him friends in Congress and they are likely to withdraw support, sooner or later. But this is a perhaps his biggest route to get anywhere.

Two, they may play it by letting him be, dilly dallying a bit, offering a few minor scapegoats, let him paint himself in glory, win a little, lose a little - but this also means that they also let him run away with a larger part of the anti-Congress votes (in part atleast) in many parts. And people are not fools to see through this hypocrisy - which is a lesser option than Plan One.

Three, he may take no action, citing politics and decide to go after Modi in Gujarat and MP - in which case he reinforces himself not as an alternative to Congress but as an alternative to BJP. And the BJP will play this card with all the force that it can get  and it already has...
And that will only confirm rumours that have been abuzz...
But then Congress being Congress may see him as the new anti-Modi man and may decide to go with him in a combination of Plan One and Two, hoping that he helps them in Plan 3. This is the most likely plan I see with the media helping paint AAP as the new anti-Modi platform.

But they also underestimate the man himself who in a short span of time has established himself as a complete opportunist who is a use and throw specialist.

All in all, these games in Delhi are way better than the Commonwealth Games. Get a ringside view!

Interesting times for AAP. The BJP should continue to focus on its good work and not get distracted by the shenanigans in Delhi - and the ranting of the left liberal media for whom Kejriwal is a refuge in these days of a clear anti-Congress wave in the country.

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