Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rahul Gandhi everywhere

I read the spin that the Lokpal bill - is supposed to be Rahul Gandhis gift to India (give or take a few words).

"It is due to the single-minded determination of Rahul Gandhi... Because of earnest attempts from Rahul Gandhi's side, we could prevail over all the parties and Lokpal bill will be passed soon....It has become reality because Rahul Gandhi took the initiative. It was his determination that the bill should be passed," Chacko said replying to questions on the issue."

(Aside, the guys uses Rahul Gandhi thrice in a sentence - must be some sort of a world record for usage of non punctuations as punctuations.)

Sir, let me remind you, that this is an old story - and a new story actually as late as a couple of years or so ago - but which would not be needed if your esteemed government had not subverted institutions all the way from Congress Bureau of Investigation (did I get that right) to other institutions, which like Pakistani umpires never awarded an lbw to Javed Miandad, rarely finds a Congress misdemeanour. And believe me, under a government such a this, a Lokpal is useless - because like you put our own puppets as PM, it takes very little to put a puppet as a Lok Pal - may I suggest a certain Ms. Patil.

And then, you, Rahul Gandhi the great actually has the round steely things to say that corruption has bled the nation dry or some such bromide about fighting corrupt relatives (no, he did not say that). Sir, let me remind you that it is your party which has led our most corrupt government in our history. So, if were to fight corruption, you know what we should fight. But if you were to fight corruption, I dont know what you will fight? Change begins at home perhaps. Ask Rob.

And then, you are now, saying that you wants speedy clearance for projects. Now, as the campaign for 2014 is about to begin. Sir, you have had power without accountability for the last few years - why did you not speed up clearances then, instead of talking about it now?

And now I am being told that Rahul Gandhi is that great man in the Congress who is taking it in a new direction. The consummate insider who is now posing as the outsider. Give me a break, sir. My head is splitting with these jokes.

We all know that this is your spin machine in action as the campaign to 2014 begins. Sir, where were you all these 43 years of your life? Especially the last 10 years when your party was (is) ruling? Perhaps your spin machine can explain us how you fought the CWG Scam, the 2G scam, the Coal Gate scam among other things. And of course, the Westgate story. Long list, will stop here.

In the movie Forrest Gump, the protagonist is showed as a person who was there at key historical moments. Through some clever editing, Forrest Gump was interspersed in the scenes.

Today, we see a Forrest Gump in action. That is Rahul Gandhi. With a slight difference. Rahul Gandhi is interspersed in events not in the past, but in the present. And we are given to believe that it is this Rahul Gandhi by his charisma who is making these things happen.

Sorry, even we know that Forrest Gump is a movie with good special effects, but even a movie with good special effects needs a great story. Special effects make not a Dhoom3 nor a UPA3. Please inform director Patel sahab.

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