Sunday, January 26, 2014

David and Goliath - Gladwell

I am a great fan of Malcolm Gladwell. I have read all of his books. Tipping Point I suppose was and continues to remain one of my favourite. It also happens to be one of those books that has an immense ability to be applied in situations. Blink, was good as was Outliers. And the best part of almost all of Gladwells work is that it makes one think a little more, beyond the obvious, on any problem. Atleast it does for me and that is the part that I love.

On that note, David and Goliath, starts of well especially as it talks about college admissions and perhaps even about the actual battle of David and Goliath and so on and so forth. I also inferred that hiring the best - but not necessarily from top level colleges and about college grades also makes sense. Also the part about how people with apparent weaknesses have to work extra hard (or take more risk) and hence end up being more successful. Or the fact that because they have been questioned so much - are comfortable asking more questions and hence end up with better choices. But that is at a generic level - and somewhere it felt that the analogies were cherrypicked - especially the part on dyslexics - I am not sure that it entirely holds out - just my own thought - no research. Because there are other obvious weaknesses - and much of being successful is about being yourself and not necessarily in the world of compliance and obedience (in the sense of following the rules set by your competition or competitors.).

The last part especially about violence and insurgency was also in my view a great example of cherrypicking. And apart from the example that he has given, I have not heard of too many violent insurgencies or wars put down by  peaceful means. And then I read this review.

Yes, this book was a bit of a letdown...

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