Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bangalore Central PC Mohan

The Bangalore Central Constituency like all others is up for re-election. The incumbent MP has been nominated again. Unlike the other, high profile MPs this person seemed to be a fairly low profile MP which prompted me to look up some PRS data. Here it is:

He has asked 252 questions as opposed to a national average of 300 and a state average of 350. Participated in 5 debates – national and state averages are 37 and 21 respectively. He has an attendance of 70% while the national and state averages run at 76 and 68 percent. Not super impressive, but more of a steady performer.

Interestingly, the overall data for Karnataka is worth a dekko and I am sure, so will the data for the rest as well. In Karnataka, watch out for the numbers of HD Deve Gowda and other familiar names. The bigger the MP the lower seems to the attendance and the debates especially if they are in the ruling party. 

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