Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Modi - leading from the front

As I read this fascinating piece, it made me think about the role of a leader. 

This is Indian politics. Very rarely, do we see a leader lead from the front. Mostly our leaders get elected out of pocketboroughs – which they have nurtured through the years. Think of the pet constituencies of any neta and you will find a patter. They would have got a few sops – a university there, a road there, some streetlights there and a factory there – but very rarely does a constituency nurtured by any politician looks vastly different from any other. Some of the prestigious constituencies are just that – prestigious in name because a so called big name fights from there. No other visible change. And each election time, the politician returns to the pocketborough wins and goes to Parliament.

Narendra Modi, in his first quest to Parliament has bucked the trend. He has chosen to lead from the front – in an entire area where his party is weak, the hope is that his candidature – will lift the entire area of Purvanchal an area where the party has been traditionally weak.

Qualities of a leader who rules from the front rather than hide somewhere and lets his soldiers do the rest.

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