Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Congress attacks Gujarat

Every election you see and hear new things. However, this is one of the elections that I am closer to the ground than in any other previous election. And as always, there are stories about campaign strategies, theories and models being used and in place. A lot of this is published with the benefit of hindsight bias once the results are declared.

But one thing I found very very strange this time is that the Congress party which is presently in governance is talking less and less about its own record and is actually playing into the hands of its opposition by talking Gujarat. 

And why Gujarat? Because, the man who is the challenger is the Chief Minister for a whopping 3 terms – 1 more than the current Prime Minister. And he has developed Gujarat relentlessly over the last 15 years. From 24 hour electricity to water to river interlinking and agricultural growth he has delivered. Indeed, Gujarat has won good governance awards for many of its initiatives, from this same central government.

And now the Congress, puts up ‘facts’ on their website dissing this growth. The facts may be right or wrong – and I am sure the data army from both sides will check and certify these and the so called financial newspapers will have a field day writing for and against these. But what intrigues me is this.

This is a central government election – why would the central government use the figures of one state, any state, to show its place on the ladder? If election is all about bipartisan spirit (and this is in the post Obama world), isn’t the union government (or those who run the union government today) supposed to talk about how it is important that every state develop? Why is this stupid obsession with one states performance numbers? Is this leadership? It is a bit like the Congress – ably run by Sonia and her coterie – is rubbing its hands in glee on seeing the numbers of a state being lower by a decimal point or two. I mean, you retards rule the country do you not? Showing numbers of a state – makes you feel good?

What fabulous leadership. I am impressed. Makes me want to vote Congress already.

Update: SA Aiyar calls Congress bluff - I suspect he is referring to this campaign.

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