Saturday, May 31, 2014

Global Warming as a pseudoscience

Matt Ridley poses some really hard questions here - it is a convincing piece.

The whole speech is worth every minute - reading or listening. But the big question, really is, whether global warming exists or it doesnt, maybe there is a difference is in degrees, but is human lifestyle sustainable? Global warming, in all its untruthfulness is ultimately an outcome - and whethere or not the outcome is as bad as predicted, it does not necessarily mean that we continue to live the way we are.

To put it in a different way, we may not be sure bad diets cause cholesterol, but that is no reason to not live a healthy lifestyle.

And this is what I had said in a post some time back.

The idea is to solve the root causes.

Oil pollutes - whether or not that pollution leads to global warming or not.
Water reserves are going down - even if it has really no connection to global warming - our rivers have to be clean, our lakes and their ecosystems must be restored.
Forests are dwindling - and with them the flora and fauna and the system. Again, an urgent need to sustain our natural resources.
Oceans are dying due to over fishing - the reports on this count are very very alarming. And apart from this, we continuously pollute our oceans - and other water bodies.
Plastics, Fertilizers, Junk - you name it.
And so on.

Global warming - whethere a pseudo science or not - cannot be solved by trying to solve global warming. The answer lies in living a sustainable life.

At an individual level - one can ensure that one does composting, leads a sustainable lifestyle without consuming too much, not wasting any resource, polluting less, recycling, reusing and so on and so forth. Global warming be damned.

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