Sunday, June 22, 2014

Start a revolution - start composting

Nobody likes garbage.

Not you and I and people like us - because we like to collect it each day and throw it out for 'others' to collect, sort and do whatever with it. After that, we do not want to know where it goes. And definitely, we do not want garbage in our own backyard or in own house. Houses are meant to be finicky clean no?

Nor does Mandur. The place your and my garbage goes to stink. They have protested against Bangalore - yes, that same Bangalore which is the Silicon valley of India and the same progressive Bangalore that is known for its pubs and festivals and nightlife and what not. This same Bangalore dumps its trash in Mandur? 

Why? Why are progressive citizens from the ultra progressive city of Bangalore who are the so called uber chic people in India dumping their garbage in Mandur? Well, the obvious answer is that it is not us, not people like us, who are dumping garbage, but the Municipal corporation no? But why is so much trash generated in the first place? Because the callousness of people like us - who simply keep throwing trash out.

It is all very good to see revolutions on TV and people agitating for regime change. But this is a small revolution that every single one of us can initiate. Start composting. At home.Get our offices to compost waste - at any rate they have a large cleaning staff. Get apartments, hotels to compost and get an environment friendly label. Narendra Modi gets it.

But it is not enough that he gets it. It is important that we get it. This revolution has to begin at home - and those of us who strive hard to clean our home out of every dust mite alive or dead can surely care about keeping our villages (like Mandur) and lakes clean.

And start composting. We have been doing it - for 3 years now and with great results!

And you can give the compost as fertilizer to farmers - and in return get organic food - and not fertilizer treated chemical veggies...

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