Saturday, July 12, 2014

Aavarna - book review

I finally got around to buying SL Bhyrappas Aavarna translated by Sandeep Balakrishna. The book is a tough read - not because of the writer or the translator, but because it does not hold anything back. The book is all about the history of India and it pulls no punches. And when I say, pulls no punches, it really does not pull any punches and you feel that when you read the book. The book hits you as you read it.

The brutality of the Islamic invasions, presented to us in our history books and movies in its sterilised glory, is an open wound here, bare and bloody and rotten and stinking. The author relies on historical sources (which is given in the end) and also points the hyporcisy in the left wing circles through caricatures and nearly realistic presentations.

The translator has also done a great job - since the book genuinely makes the reader 'feel'.

All in all, we have been fed a Hello Kitty version of our history - as if we as a population cannot handle the truth.

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