Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stuck on Hosur Road

Today, I had the great privilege of being stuck on Hosur Road - just at the base of the Electronic City Tollway. For many others, this may be a daily occurrence, but for me, today, this was a privilege. You see, the Bangalore traffic police had stopped traffic on both sides so that a Chief Minister who was recently jailed for disproportionate assets had to return to her home state of Tamil Nadu. Still wondering why I did not say Jayalalitha?

Well, so the police stopped the traffic leading to a long pile up along both sides of the road so that the common people who possess proportionate assets can wait to watch someone who possesses disproportionate assets I suppose. Hence, I was among the privileged crowd.

Why does traffic have to be stopped? At all? (If it is so important, why dont they take a helicopter or some other means).

That is a simple question and perhaps we have our own reasons for doing so - leave that aside.

And then her motorcade passed us by. And therein lies a bigger question. Why do we have security personnel hanging onto the outside of the cars on footboards as the cars whizz by at upwards of 80 kmph. I can understand personnel doing this at lower speeds or when a vehicle goes through crowds etc, but on a highway? I dont think POTUS motorcade has this idiotic spectacle of security guards clinging to the outside of the vehicle? I am sure armour is advanced enough to protect corrupt politicians - apart from body fat and thick skin? Why do other humans have to cling to the outside of that vehicle, or any vehicle?

(If there is some other great reason, please do enlighten, but to this observer, it seems ridiculous.) 

And yes, finally the motorcade passed and those with proportionate assets burned disproportionate amounts of petrol to reach their destinations.

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