Saturday, December 20, 2014

Frankly, Right Wingers have a lot to learn

Right wingers argue on twitter, but frankly they need to learn from their brethren.

When their communist-socialist counterparts, came in power in 2004, they went in for massive changes in the system - overhauled the laws fairly impudently and even had an unconstitutional NAC rule the roost for 10 years fairly unchallenged with fringe activists, minority appeasement and got appeasement as a central policy from local to foreign.

This is at a government level.

There is an entire network of Leftist NGOs masquerading as do-gooders. The activist ecosystem is enriched by Congress and its cronies. Indeed, every one of their systems they ostensibly put in place to help the people, in fact helped no one but their own ecosystem. It was practically an NREGA at all levels. The Leftists go after targets very very systematically. Take the example of RTE. The way these so called activists have been targeting RTE is worth learning. Read Reality Check India who has been documenting this for many years now.

Nowadays, now that Modi had disturbed their rather cosy bee hive, they are into writing books which their ecosystem will dutifully give great reviews for. The professor is writing one. The hack who is writing for a yellowish pink paper is writing another. Another journalist has launched his books more than Pakistan has test launched missiles.
Apart from this, they work on what they call as 'research' which will find its way into academia after a few years.

They make pointless tear jerking tele serials named 'Truth alone triumphs' to get their subliminal #IdeaofIndia into peoples minds. Why, they even make movies with subliminal derision of everything  Hindu, including the latest one which shows our friendly westerly neighbors as filled with pacifists while deriding our own. Most of Bollywood makes movies that shows Pakistan sponsored terrorism as 'false flag' operations. Case in point - Haider - scripted by none other than Basharat Peer who is working very hard through his books and articles to portray Kashmir as a story of Islamic victimhood while in reality, it is a story of Islamic aggression (and thankfully, Rahul Panditas book does capture it in his book).

They take care of their own at every instance including the worst ones.

This is not to say, all the bad ideas of the leftists need to be replicated, but the RWers need to learn. Magazines (Swarajaya is an important step), Websites (now we have a few), Conferences, Activists, Books, Movies, Serials, Videos and a lot of work has to go in at a liminal and subliminal level. This cannot be countered by protesting - but has to be done smartly.

In the current milieu, anything that the RWers do will get highlighted for all the wrong reasons. Look at the news coming out since May16th and you will know what I mean. Media has dutifully ignored much of the good work and instead focussed on all the wrong things from targetting ministers to random statements of MPs, MLAs, and focussing on all the wrong issues- after all they are working 'for' their ecosystem and working to get it back into power.

For all the noise, much more work needs to done.

This is best explained by R Jagannathan who says, in his recent article that the RSS - perhaps the fore bearer of RWers, needs to get it act in order and get two important legislations passed.

What the Sangh should lobby for are the following:
A Freedom of Religion Bill aimed not at banning conversions but at forcing government to stay away from the running of temples and Hindu religious institutions - just as is done in the case of minority institutions under Articles 29 and 30 of the constitution.
A Right to Equality Bill that gives so-called majority-run institutions the right to the same autonomy that minority institutions now get under article 30. It is a travesty that a constitutional provision intended to ensure that the majority does not squash minority rights is being used to discriminate against majority-run institutions by undue interference. The Right to Education Act is thus a burden cast unfairly on non-minority institutions and it is a surprise even the Supreme Court has agreed to this perversity.
A permanent Truth Commission that establishes what happened in history - whether it is the destruction of temples or state-supported conversions or atrocities by upper caste Hindus against the rest - so that we don't have to live in a permanent state of victimhood. [Full article here]

This is a battle of ideas. And ideas have to worked at liminal and subliminal levels. And here is where  the real change needs to happen - and unless the current government does it, this will be a temporary phase with no structural change. 

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