Friday, December 12, 2014

Media on Modi sarkaar

Over the last few weeks, if you have been a regular follower of media in general, you will get the sense that the Modi government is not doing much and that would be the charitable view.

On the other hand, if you are a follower of the more vociferous media, you may well believe that the only thing happening is saffronization - Sanskrit, the Sadhvi and conversion.

The other thing you may never have noticed that with Congress and opposition disruption Parliament, no opeds are being written on Parliament money or taxpayers money and time being wasted while there was a point not too long ago when the entire orchestra sang this tune for the BJP when they were in opposition. Of course, opens are being written in unison on Sanskrit, Sadhvi and Conversion.

The reality is of course, far more nuanced, but here is the thing to remember - the media (most of whom are grown and nourished on Congress nutrition) will try their best to equate the NDA sarkaar to the inept UPA.

One possible equation would be Modi Sarkaar = UPA minus secularism
Another possible equation would be UPA with allies was better than NDA without allies.

Notice that in all this comparison the massive ineptness plus reckless corruption of UPA is being completely ignored. Plus the communal and partisan nature of their legislation. And the leaky nature of their schemes.

But that is the game the media will play. They will subtly equate NDA to UPA and create this comparison in peoples heads.

So what can this government do?

Vajpayee made the mistake of thinking that the media has been co-opted - and they gave him Kandahar.  Advani made the mistake of getting in a certain Kulkarni and he wrecked LKA to a point of no return.

The simple point is that the media will use the NDA to bring back UPA - and like a certain reporter posed with the same Amit Shah who he had accused of murder (wrongly) to 'sell' his 'book' - they will do the same.

Modi and his government have to wary of this. They need to create a counter ecosystem - which will take years to build.

But in the short run, they need to think of something better. The Modi social army is still at it and calling out lies. And thanks to some astuteness by the government, things like conversion which were otherwise taboo topics are being discussed in the mainstream. Pakistan is quietly realizing that this is a different India.

But remember, that this media is just waiting - to tell everybody that NDA = UPA, so that they can get their mojo, their phoren trips, their vacations, their bungalows, their entitlements, their access based journalism back.

 Their vision is to drag this government to the lowest common denominator. The sooner Modi sarkaar realizes this the better.

One short term strategy is to keep the media busy with non-issues and start some real work in the background - they won't notice it anyway...

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