Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Once upon an NDA

The NDA government came to power in 1999 and ruled for 5 years or thereabouts. Vajpayee was an able Prime Minister and had a reasonably good cabinet to go with. They came up with the Golden Quadrilateral, thanks to which we have good around the country - at least the major ones. They also came up with the Freedom to Information Act - which became the RTI. And the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan which became the sad RTE that it is today.

By the way this government did not have scam worth its name - though the friendly media tried their best to nail George Fernandes (of all the people) in a cooked up coffin scam.

But recall what the media did to this newly minted ministry. The BJP of those days thought that with the victory, the Congress ecosystem had become well and truly theirs and became complacent. And the media did what they have been doing in the last few months - ever since the Modi government came into power.

In those days there was no social media worth its name so it was just the media all along. Many of the media turncoats swore allegiance to Vajpayee, but retaining their allegiance to the Congress ecosystem. And here is a glimpse of how they reacted during the IC-814 hijacking.

In a nutshell:

On Christmas eve, after news of the hijacking broke, there was stunned all-round silence. But by noon on December 25, orchestrated protests outside the Prime Minister’s residence began, with women beating their chests and tearing their clothes. The crowd swelled by the hour as the day progressed.

Ms Brinda Karat came to commiserate with the relatives of the hostages who were camping outside the main gate of 7, Race Course Road. In fact, she became a regular visitor over the next few days. There was a steady clamour that the Government should pay any price to bring the hostages back home, safe and sound. This continued till December 30. [The Truth about Kandahar]

The media made out that the overwhelming majority of Indians were with the relatives of the hostages and shared their view that no price was too big to secure the hostages’ freedom. The Congress kept on slyly insisting, “We are with the Government and will support whatever it does for a resolution of the crisis and to ensure the safety of the hostages. But the Government must explain its failure.” [Truth about Kandahar]

Kanchan ends the post with this: We are, if truth be told, a nation of cowards who don’t have the courage to admit their weakness but are happy to blame a well-meaning politician who, perhaps, takes his regimental motto of ‘Izzat aur Iqbal’ rather too seriously.

But the point is that the media will toe the Congress line as they did during Kandahar or during any other crisis. Their stand during the Cash for votes scam of 2008 (if i get that right) has also covered them with glory.

The point being, media (as I pointed out in my last post) is a huge caucus of Congress interests. These are the people who have been nurtured by Congress with freebies in the form of contracts (remember Green Pine Agro), bungalows for cheap rent, awards, rewards, interviews (canned and preserved), protection from investigation, free air trips, easy interviews, access to the high and mighty. And the NDA does not promise anything through its tenure, but the Congress, whenever it is back will give them their dues. 

Net, net, media, in its present form cannot be trusted. They will create noise, create a ruckus, but remember they are doing so to protect their own (and their masters) interest. Mr. Modi will do his best to ignore them for now.

But watch out, because when an incident happens (and it will - like Kandahar was orchestrated by the Pakistanis - who gifted us Kargil as well - there will be other incidents like there always will be) the media will start their wailing and chest beating to facilitate and benefit their mai-baap. 

Right now, everything you see - whether it is conversions, whether is it the IIT(D) Director, whether it is RS disruption by Congress - is being faithfully reported with perfect bias towards the Congress ecosystem without actually letting the people that this government is doing some real work.

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