Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ten Years

Ten years of blogging. About 2000 odd posts - which is about 3 odd posts a week - yes, at one point, during the heyday of blogging, it was almost a post a day. Nowadays, it is about one a week, but I must admit that blogging has opened my eyes, more than anything else.

10 years ago, I was a wannabe writer knocking at the doors of newspapers and waiting to be published. 10 years on, I am still a wannabe writer but no longer knocking at any door.

It is like I have moved beyond that.

I blog, I write, there are those who read, there are those who publish what I write and the ecosystem has evolved. There are sites like CRI, Niticentral, Indiafacts and Firstpost where I do send my submissions if I write something 'that good', otherwise, if I am not sure I leave it here, because more than anything, this blog is also my own education. I even had a brief blog with a big publication but turned it down because it felt too restrictive. I have found my voice as a writer in the Right Wing Space. Can I get better at it? Of course, I am just at the shore of a vast ocean waiting to be explored.

This has been own journey from a person who was not aware of politics (like most people), who was 'secularism' personified - though I was a fan of Balasaheb Thakre for a long time to a person who is aware of politics. Through the blog and later through twitter, I have had the good fortune of meeting many interesting people and been a part of many interesting discussions online and offline.

The blog has some 2 lakh page views and I suppose the best post is the old 'How to write about India'.

And I meet a lot of of people who are waiting to start writing - and I can only say one thing - start.

Blogging has cleared my thoughts - at one point, about a few months into the blog, I thought I had run out of ideas, but no, I did not and they kept coming and I refined them and kept at it. I am no famous blogger, I am just an ordinary guy who wanted to write and found joy in doing so.

But if I had not started writing, if I had waited to be discovered, that would have never happened. The   discovery has been mine - that yes, I can indeed write...

Thank you - for those who read my blog sometime, anytime...And thank you all those readers who have dropped by sometime during the 10 years of this blog.

As for me, I will continue writing here till I find it joyful!

(Like many posts, not exactly refined, but well, blogging was never about refinement..Ideas flow, evolve and yes, sometimes refined, sometimes unrefined. Like to get a diamond, one needs to proverbially remove a lot of coal I suppose.)

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