Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Terror has no religion

Thank god (which one?) religion has no terror. Imagine if it did.

Imagine, for instance, Dodoites. What if the Dodoites had a scroll that detailed everything that the followers of Dodoism should do to those who worship other animals or trees or did not believe in a god. And if they insisted that only the oldest edition of the scroll written in blue ink with DoDo feathers and its misinterpreted editions (Do scrolls have editions?) can be used. Scary thought - what if the original handwriting had wrong spelings?

Imagine that the scroll did not account for the advancement of human sentiments like gender equality and freedom of expression for all Dodoites? And what if Dodos that raised their voices for these were liable to be killed by other Dodos around them? What is the point for dying something so new anyway? Old is gold.

Imagine their scroll institutionalized killing of those who did not believe in their DoDo god. What if it said, anybody who believed in the Capybara should be imprisoned in ant hills.What if the world ran out of ant hills?

Imagine if the scroll closed out technological advancements. Of all kinds. Except methods of killing capybarites. Thankfully no such Dodoite scroll bans advancement of technologies of destruction of Capybarites. Imagine killing Capybarites with stones for example, on a flat earth, for example. That would not be nice at all to showcase the advancement of the human race, considering we have the AK47, would it?

What if the scroll, written in Dodo call language, closed off advancement, for instance, for the Dodoites. Or transportation. Or the internet. Oh, well, how can a scroll ban something that is not invented. We however, need not worry about such thing, because there is no such thing. Because no scroll has banned any technological advancement of dodoites or capybarites for that matter.

Imagine that their dodo preachers went addressed the world asking Dodoites for the murder of Capybarites and then Seaanemoneites and even the Pteranodonites and other lesser animal godites. That would be so bad. (Pardon the spelling here, because I am new to all of these. Please do not clip my wings, or take me out of water or feed me chewing gum for this utterly despicable act of manipulating spelling - Wrennmartinites I beg forgiveness from thee.)

Imagine on the basis of this, random Dodoites going around murdering random Capybarites in coffee shops or schools or at homes or on streets. Or forming organizations for the murder of Capybarites and protection of Dodoites. And if the Capybarites cannot mimic the dodo call, they get shot or maimed or get their wings cut (Capybara has wings?) or something like that. And then take a video of it as well.

Imagine that the supreme DoDo country gives money to these organizations to murder Capybarites, sometimes under the guise of charity and other noble deeds when in reality all they want is for the Capybarites to worship the supreme DoDo.

Thankfully, we have no such thing.

Thankfully, terror has no religion whatsoever.

Thankfully we only have a just holy war around the world.

And that is manageable. Because if we had the rest, I cannot imagine the plight of the world. 

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