Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Congress Media complex

Pakistan has its Military-Jihadi complex. India has a Congress-Media complex.

Like any good writer who writes something about India, a Pakistan connection is necessary. Why, that recent movie had it. Our liberals look up to Pakistan, some of them for shopping trips and sponsored flights to attend conferences. So, too, when we want to write about out media and its cosyness with the Congress, it is important to bring in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the only distinction between the army and the terrorists is the uniform and sometimes, they also get exchanged. Why, even our ex-Defence Minister got fooled (or wanted to get fooled).

Here in Congress-Media complex, it is very similar. You cannot make out the difference. They claim they are neutral, but are actually wearing a Congress uniform inside. And Congress means, subscribing to a leftist ideology, pandering to minorities, having a pro-minority tilt for everything - all the stuff that we now know as #IdeaofIndia, rather, a false Idea of India.

So, the Congress media complex painted to us, Mr. Rahul Gandhi as the intellectual who will become the Prime Minister of the country one day. Why, they still hold foul mouthed Mani Shankar Aiyar in high esteem. And they refused to call out the 2G scam and the Coal scam until they could not ignore it. And the National Herald case had this visual of journalist turned pugilist asking, how is it a fraud.

You see, these worthies are subscribed to and for to that Congress Idea of India. An India ruled by babalog elite, 'hun ki karaan', handwringing style of leadership that offers them lifetime benefits. Why, sons of dynasty gynecologists, drivers, cooks and other sundry people are offered lifetime (and a few generations) worth of protection and nurturing in many forms.

Some of them find jobs in committees, boards, panels and what not and enjoy tax payers money while supporting the Congress. The government also (sadly, this government has not reversed it completely yet) provides lakhs worth of advertisements to newspapers to celebrate ad-hoc politician birthdays.

You see, this is a mutually beneficially ecosystem. Media supports Congress when they are in power - by calling out the BJP (or any other opposition) for all their mistakes. Why, if you remember, the BJP was blamed for every policy failure while the Congress was ruling. And the BJP was blamed for disrupting Parliament. And yet, now when the NDA is in power, it is the BJP that is being blamed for Congress disrupting the Rajya Sabhaa. And the media is repaying Congress investment in them by playing their story.

The Congress story demands that minorities (read hyper minorities like Muslims and Christians) are shown to be scared of the majority - when in reality it is the reverse. Yes, I am making this rather largish pronouncement, but see around you and see how much the government machinery abuses the majority and provides for the minorities (so called). And how the entire debate has been hijacked to a Hindus are the worst offenders.

And thus you have worthies comparing the ISIS to RSS, Congress politicians calling 26/11 attacks as an RSS conspiracy, resistance to a uniform civil code (the most secular thing of all) and of course, minority mollycoddling in all policies and education and such like.

So the aim of the Congress-Media complex is to prove to you over the next 5 years that NDA is just another government like the UPA. And they are playing to the Congress gallery.

(Unfortunately, I think, they have started the noise rather early and revealed their cards too soon. And I hope that is noticed by the strategists here and they do the right thing - which is to cut the umbilical cords that bind the complex etc etc)

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raghuttam kulkarni said...

I came across your blog today and am pleasantly surprised to find someone who has the same view points but articulates them much better. God work. I will RT you on twitter to get more people read your blogs