Friday, December 19, 2014

When losing is winning

The BJP launched a high decibel campaign in its Jammu and Kashmir election. It was termed Mission 44 and the quest was to get more than 44 seats. Towards this end, the BJP appears to be offering a fresh hope to the people of the state. Many in the state have gravitated towards - people respected in both Jammu and the valley.

And the media has, in its usual way, covered it. Some, as they are wont to, dissed the BJP in the thinly veiled guise of contempt and false choice - that only they can offer a multi faith multi cultural society - when in reality the Islamiyat has all but done Kashmiriyat to death. Others reported it as it is. The usual suspects have created noise on the same. Omar, here and Mehbooba, there.

There has been a lot of speculation on the high voters turnout - on whether the turnout is beneficial to the BJP or if it is really people turning out in large numbers to keep out the BJP.  Worthies have contended that outsiders have made Modi rally a success in areas like both Kishtwar while being silent on his very successful rally in Srinigar.

But all this, I think is missing the point.

Even if the BJP does not win 44+ seats (and I strongly suspect that it wont), even if the BJP gets nowhere close to forming a government (and I strongly suspect that it is the case as well) - it has won. It will, in all probability gets its highest number of seats and have a very strong voting percentage - that cannot be ignored. But India has won - note that - not the BJP, but India.

Think about it. The nationalist BJP party has been able to campaign successfully, organize rallies, get a significant vote share and has attracted many people to its fold. In the meantime, voting percentages have been high and people have participated enthusiastically in the democratic process. The elections have been free and fair. And of course, Pakistan sponsored terrorists tried their best to disrupt the election process.

Those who are opposing Modi and shouting from the rooftops that the BJP wont win are missing the point. The point is not about winning Jammu and Kashmir for BJP - though if it happens, that will be an amazing turning point. The point is that the world is able to see the way people are responding to elections, trying to get a normal life while Pakistan sends terrorists from the across the border.

Those who think this is all about the BJP winning miss the big picture. The big picture is that Jammu and Kashmir is an inalienable part of India - the entire election campaign, the process has shown this to the world.

As for Pakistan Occupied Kashmir - you know where it going. And Pakistan itself, you know where that where that country is going as well.

Regardless of who wins or loses, the Modi government will use this to great effect to shut out the idiotic paid Fai analysts, the track II shopping tourism and the think tanks who go to great lengths to equate terrorism in Pakistan to the so called unresolved issue of Kashmir.

And that is that grand plan. And this is how, even if the BJP loses in Jammu and Kashmir it is a great win for India.

(Am putting this before the results come out - will update it when the results come out).

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