Thursday, January 29, 2015

A note on the Delhi elections

Of course, you are aware by now that the Delhi elections are a test for Narendra Modi. Exactly like the Maharashtra assembly election was and the Jammu and Kashmir elections were. Exactly like how the Bongaigaon and Jhunjhunu Municipal and Panchayat elections will be. Unless you live under a rock in an uninhabited island somewhere.
But what you might not have noticed is that the party which is now the darling of all those who flocked to the Congress not too long ago - the Aam Aadmi Party which is fast becoming an Ek Aadmi Party is still doing very very well as per many surveys, bar a few.

More than that, you would have noticed that there has been no "Blow to Kejriwal" at all. None at all. Atleast none that is reported by the friendly media. Think about it. A founding member of the party has no time to campaign for the party, has submitted a list of tainted candidates from his own party and his father (A founding member) has made fairly critical comments. And there is no blow to Kejriwal at all. And of course, there is no rift, none at all because sources say so. Another member, Shazia Ilmi has now joined the BJP and that is no blow to Kejriwal at all (though the piece I have linked does use those words).

Now go back to the Lok Sabha elections 2014. If Advani sat two seats away from Modi there was a rift. If he did not turn up for a meeting there was a rift. If Sushma Swaraj did not smile, there was a rift. And even post elections, any random utterance by a random functionary is played out as a huge blow to Modi and Amit Shah and what not.

But why is it that Mr. Kejriwal who has now taken the space of the Congress in the political spectrum that is Delhi is teflon coated? The only other leader who is coated with teflon is the great Sonia Gandhi. What gives?

Well for one, this is the acid test for media. Right in their backyard, there is an election being fought.  If they (media) don't win this one, for Mr. Ek Aadmi Party, then their strategy is completely under question. So, they are pulling out all the stops, gushing over EAP strategy, like this one:

Trawl through typical Congressi journalists and you will find similar paeans, platitudes and praises for EAP. However, this has not gone unnoticed. Here is Amit Shah on one particular channel campaigning for EAP:

Epilogue: As always, we wait till the elections happen, till that point, everybody is a psephologist, including yours truly. And then everybody is humbled by what the electorate decides. At which point, everybody comes up justifications very very quickly as to why they always knew that the electorate is always right. Such is the circus for every elections. 

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