Sunday, January 04, 2015

I used to be a fan of...

Yes, when I grew up, we had one TV channel that became two. We had one newspaper which mostly everybody bought - and there was another lesser known newspaper which few people bought. We all watched the same things, spoke about roughly the same things and therefore, we idolized the same people.

So, there were times when I used to wait with bated breath for a stupid newspaper. I stopped buying newspapers a few years ago - because well, the entire newspaper is like a Russian joke. The only truth was on the sports page, the weather was half lies and the rest were all lies. Plus, I really do not want to know the latest happenings in the film world or be bombarded with advertisements. So, yes, I used to be a fan of this newspaper waiting for each morning.

I used to be a fan of this columnist there. Yes, the one who made this comment.
I won't go into the history of all this because its all well known now, but thanks to Social Media, one is that much more 'knowledgeable' if you will.

I was a fan of this satirical columnist - who is reduced to writing pieces like this and taking potshots (yes, at you know who). Well, columnist, a) give the man credit for trying and b) many say it cannot be done, but there are some who are getting it done.

I was a fan of this intelligence columnist - well, this chap was outed yesterday for writing an apology of a piece which was taken down by this piece written by bwoyblunder - who is, well, a twitterati like anyone of us. He has been taken down in the past one, here, by Jaideep Prabhu. And of course, he is best known for the grandmother crossing border story which in turn was preceded by someone 'predicting' the story - obviously someone who planted it. And here is B Raman storified by emanin on this episode.

I was a fan of some of those reporters who made their name when Indian TV news channels blossomed. One of them used to run this weekly program, The world this week and I used to wait for it with bated breath.

And I was a fan of his protege, who, well, is as discredited as can she can be.

And I was a fan of this chap, who started off writing interesting stuff on the sports page and later one became more of  a pugilist than a journalist.

And I was a fan of, actually this columnist held me in thrall for a long time. And of all the people, this columnist was also someone I highly admired. I hoped to have my own (pardon me) column in a newspaper of repute like this persons columns. And I used to await each of his weekly columns, but sadly, sometimes, ideologies precede ideas and of late, said columnist has often descended into rant (well, I do that on my blog without a column). And results in stuff like this:
Yes, we all make mistakes...but as someone said, "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do sir?"

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