Sunday, February 22, 2015

Corruption facilitates business and other analysis

Top level corruption down in Modi govt, fingers crossed. Screams a headline.

It is important to create doubt, when you write a headline. Especially when it comes to the Modi government. Oh wait. Modi government. Not NDA.

Do you recall the UPA government ever being called Congress government or Manmohan government (as much as it was not his) or Sonias government (she who shall not be named)?

But this is Modi - the bete noire of the media for 13 odd years now. And continues ( as I noted in piece in December)

The headline is also an acknowledgement that top-level corruption was high in the previous government. But did they tell you that when that government was in power? No. They did not. They actually waited long and hard before they finally had to make it public. Case in point: 2G scam, Coal Scam,  National Herald scam. And this blog has documented much of it through the years.  Why that is because of the Congress-media complex. Remember, the UPA was an NREGA at all levels - including the latest of a Nobel laureate whose last name is Sen - who was too hoity toity to explain why he did what he did without following rules.

Lets go back to the article linked at the start.

It starts off with some 'sources' named, 'top industrialist', 'prominent businessman' and finds it necessary to carry a statement like this from a 'top banker'. (Note the diversity of sources)

'A top banker, while acknowledging that no significant proposals were coming to his investment committee had an interesting theory on one of the possible reasons for the empty pipeline: 'Operation Clean-Up', he said, may have actually created a different kind of uncertainty for business. "For years, businessmen knew how to get things done in government. Suddenly, they find the game has changed; the old ways of doing business no longer work. Ideas and proposals are being considered on merit. I can't say what'll happen tomorrow, but as things stand, there seems to be greater transparency." (He said the other reasons for lack of new investments included uncertainty on land and labour reforms; industry was wary of committing large funds on the basis of executive ordinances instead of legislation passed by Parliament).'

So, Mr. top banker, thinks that the empty pipeline is because of lack of corruption. Well, sir, that is priceless analysis - hats off to you. Surely, all the corruption in the UPA government flooded our coffers with money I am sure. So, that is my learning for today. Corruption facilitates business and thus by going after corruption, the Modi government may be stifling growth. 

Do read the whole article. It credits everybody with this change, except Mr. Modi (of course, Prime Minister it says). It also credits the Supreme Court - but as far as I know, none of this was suo moto cognizance, but responding to cases filed by the likes of Subramanian Swamy, Prashant Bhutan etc. 

Then there are others who will find fault with everything that the government does - like this worthy writer does. But a quick click on the other articles said worthy has written quickly reveals her unbiased nature - towards the Congress

Not to forget the new Rahul Gandhi on the block (I agree calling him that is a bit of an injustice, but well, for now, this basking in reflected glory is unnecessary) has his twenty five paise to say which the media must of course cover, because he is the latest NKOTB against Modi.

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