Saturday, February 14, 2015

Modi, Delhi elections and then some

Since everybody has shouting from the rooftop as to how unimportant the Delhi elections were and yet writing more and more about it, let me also write in my 25 kb worth of words into it. After the elections everybody claims they knew everything and therefore, pet theories and confirmation biases are peddled as opeds. All it requires is reasonably good grammar.
This was the latest - pick up any oped and I challenge you, any one and they will say the same thing. The exceptions are bloggers who are saying slightly different things.

In  my view, there are two things for Modi to learn from this entire Delhi episode.

One, that Delhi based media will never ever support him and that is the silver lining in this entire episode. The Congress media complex will flock to the AAP, sources and all in tow.  As you can see in this video (LT @amitmalviya)

The moment you are with BJP everybody gangs up against you.

Second, media therefore will amplify whatever suits them. Whether it is statements made by inconsequential persons or random things that happen around. If Modi falls into this trap, he is doomed. The next 5 years can be spent managing churches in villages and answering media - a trap which he so cleverly avoided while on the campaign trail.

Third, he needs to get out of this statesman bullshit - this is the same garden path that media walked Vajpayee up in NDA 1 and he set out reconciling with Pakistan (why that wretched country remains a favorite of our media needs to investigated - a hundred Fais will toppled out is my guess). And offering grand gestures to the Congress - which they are highly unlikely to repay.

Fourth - Modi needs to go strong on reform and breaking the shackles imposed upon it by Congress and its 60 years rule. And reach out to the masses (even if he does this in the last one year it is sufficient). 

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