Thursday, March 05, 2015

A #blowtomodi a day, keeps Modi away

Manmohan led PMO among top rejectors of RTI applications, it screamed

Great headline, except that Manmohan led is what I added.

And then you read the article. It says, data for 2013-2014. That means, a year worth of data - and that means it includes a large part of Manmohan Singhs rule under Soniajis esteemed leadership and Rahuls photo opportunitism?

But no, this is the time to create confusion in your minds about this government. Ever since this government has come to power, we have seen this happen.

This is a game for #blowtomodi.

Every day, in the Indian media every reporter runs to find a new #blowtomodi. The one who succeeds, finds food for the day - the other dies of neglect. Thus it is in that in the Indian media jungle, the reporters run each day to find yet another #blowtomodi.

There are no rules.

Anything is allowed. Anything goes. Discredited people. Anybody who is quitting. People accused of corruption. Everything can be whitewashed if you can come up with something to blame Modi. You have seen the parade of all those. Come, all of you, wash off your communal sins. All you need to do is to find a #blowtomodi and the newskeepers will be at your door.

Only to desert you because they need to find a  new #blowtomodi everyday.

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