Saturday, March 07, 2015

Drag India down

The erstwhile #blowtomodi project has now morphed into a drag India down project. For the Congress supporters - the ones who were the benefeciaries of their deep and massive ecosystem also known as the Congress-Media complex. And not to forget now the Congress had nurtured a deep ecosystem that kept their supporters happy.

From the point the NDA government has started, media has started its own project.

This project has morphed into a drag India down project. Because once you drag India down, down goes Modi with it and with it come up the champions of the downtrodden, mother bountiful and her cohorts come up to save India from poverty by using the mechanism of dole, conversions and make them dependent on the mai-baap sarkaar. Maybe even involve the church, the world bank and perhaps  even other 'friendly' moneybags in this project.

Not for them development of skill or more crop per drop or educating all the girls or beti-bachao, all they are interested in their own self preservation.

And how to drag india down? Paint a sad picture of India every opportunity. Whether it is a rape documentary, whether it is a attack on a random church and whatever else comes their way, they will drag India down.

And what about it? Project India as religiously intolerant though it houses the most tolerant religion of all times - ever. And who is projecting it as intolerant - they who play into the hands of those who represent the most tolerant faiths in the world - tolerant as long as you believe in their one true god. For this purpose, they magnify every random utterance by anybody on the street and play it ad nauseam. Whether it is a ban on cow slaughter or conversions - use it to drag India down. Recently there was a huge rucks about gharwapsi - but they also simultaneously wanted to turn a blind eye towards conversions and the massive fund inflows that these organizations receive. (Follow @sighbaboo on twitter).

And then to project the government as a tyrannical one when in reality it is trying its best to move out of the quagmire of vote banks and exclusions and crony lobbying and enmeshed networks by creating policy driven decisions. Ignore the steps even this 9 month old government has taken to tighten subsidy leakage, open up banks to reach the unbanked and eased many an irrelevant procedure. And it is just 9 months.

And use the decisions of the previous government to paint this government into as dark a corner as possible. See this here, where the decisions of PMO led by Manmohan Singh are mischievously attributed to the present PMO and unless you dig deep, the headlines will just stay as it is.

As a free press, the press is well within its rights to point out the flaws in the governments policies and politics. But to do with an agenda and to only point flaws and not look at the whole story takes it to an absurd level.

And this is the same mainstream media that ignored the 2G scam until they had no choice, the same media that tom-tommed the zero loss theory of coal allocation until it had no choice and the same media that continues to paint Rahul Gandhi as an intellectual and the same media that has not managed to secure a single interview with Sonia Gandhi in 10 years (well, I think there was one interview).

By all means, do your job, but do it fairly. And you do not have to drag India down into the morass  you are in.

And as I wrote this, I see this tweet by the respected Vicky Nanjappa

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