Saturday, March 21, 2015

Grapes are sour, social media edition

The old story of the fox and the grapes is well known. The fox reached for the grapes and despite several attempts, did not get it. He finally walks away with the famous expression, "Grapes are sour".

Times have changed since that. That was a long time ago.

At that time, the vineyard was close to the jungle. The jungle was filled with animals. Over time, the vineyard owner has extended his land into the jungle. The only animal that has access to the grapevine is the fox. That was because his grandfather befriended the owners dog. Over generations, the owners dogs and the foxes have been friends. With his cunning, he is the one who conveys the news between the corrupt owner and the poor jungle animals. The animals cannot come anywhere near the vineyard for fear of the owner and besides they have to earn a living each day. And the dogs are fierce as well.

The grapevine is the juicy news. The fox is the journalist. The vineyard owner is known to the fox and all the grapes in the vineyard is his for the asking. The vineyard owner allows the fox to come in to various parts to the vineyard and the fox does his bidding. Eats a few grapes and conveys the right news to the animals. Each time the owner extends the vineyard a little, the fox tells the animals that everything is alright. The owner uses more pesticide, more water,  than he should but the fox tells the animals that everything is alright. Ever so often, a few grapes are sent to the animals as well. The owners promises to send a large share of the water and the grapes, but rarely are those promises fulfilled.

The owner sets the narrative and the fox conveys it. The animals live their life. That was some time ago. 

But a few enterprising monkeys built a new platform (they call it the social media platform) from which they are able to see everything the vineyard. They have even built vines through which they can swing into the vineyard at will.

With this sort of a view, they are able to see what the owner does. Within a short time, they have  and are able to both get (news) grapes at will, plus see that the fox is really in cahoots with the owner. And also figure out that the fox only gets the grapes which the owner allows it to. 

Thanks to this platform, every animal can get up and see what is going on in the vineyard. The animals share this with each other and every animal knows what is happening in the vineyard. There are a few animals who still listen to the fox intently, but they do it more out of habit.

The fox does not like being questioned. The fox does not like that his monopoly over the vineyard is being challenged. For now, he has been trying to influence the influencers in the animal world and convince them that the monkeys platform ought to be demolished. The influencers aren't buying that, but the fox is still trying to paint the monkeys and the patrons of the social media platform black.

Grapes are sources, he said, as he walks into the vineyard...

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