Thursday, March 05, 2015

How about some statesmanship Soniaji?

Rajya Sabha is in no mood to pass the BJP governments bills going by what happened so far. And as you saw yesterday, the media is fully in support of this fairly partisan behaviour. At this point, you would think that there would be opeds asking the Congress and others to help the government. But no.
Cut to pre May 2014 when the BJP disrupted Parliament for a variety of reasons - mostly related to corruption - all charges which have been proven true today.

But look at what Shekhar Gupta writes here. It almost reads as if its tit for tat - when the reality is that earlier Parliament was disrupted for corruption charges (real corruption charges) which the government wanted to paper over. I read it thrice, but nowhere does he call for the Congress chief to do the right thing - which is to support the government in its endeavour for developing India.

Meanwhile, once upon a time when Congress was in power, they used the Disproportionate assets case to get the support of one or other politician while claim secular superiority and all they found was to ask statesmanship of the BJP. Or give random order gyan among other things. Disruption is unfortunate, they said. Gridlock, screamed another.

But no, nobody is asking Soniaji to display stateswomanship or bipartisan behavior today - wonder why. Isn't the time to be doing so? Hell, no.

People who lock others in toilets while stealing their posts are not known to be graceful. Old jungle saying.

But do take note of how Modi is navigating this.

Not that Modi will get credit for anything - but Modi too could have arm twisted the other parties - like the Congress did - given that they have much dirty laundry to hide. But he is not doing that. In doing so, he is changing the way Indian politics has worked. He is letting the law take its course - which is not something that the UPA can justifiably lay a claim to. He is not manipulating it. But his assumption of expecting bipartisan behavior may be wrong. Because in exhibiting that behavior the other parties have nothing to gain. However they vote, the law will take its course and that is a good thing.

The second and larger point is that in doing so, again, he is ensuring that he is not siding with the corrupt. He is making a clear break from the past and taking a risk through this mode.

The next few months will be interesting to watch.

But Mr. Modi please do not be a statesman. Your favors won't be returned. The sooner you learn this, the better.

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