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Caste census in Karnataka

The government of Karnataka, is conducting a caste census exercise. Initiated by the Karnataka Backward Classes Commission, it is all about conducting an enumeration of castes. I haven't received it myself and will write in detail so when the form does reach my house.

But here is something that gives you an idea, a blog by a Congress ex-minister. The blog starts off well - with some promising thoughts on how reservation has kind of created a 'class' that thrives on this reservation and how reservation has not really reached its intended beneficiaries etc.

And then, this sentence sort of jumps at you.
"The court has spoken of transgenders but we must think of the minorities and sub-minorities too. What about, for example, poor and disadvantaged Christians and Muslims." [Jitin Prasada Blog]

And it ends well, honestly:
The time has indeed come to move ahead of an ossified categorisation based on caste, which has succeeded only in marginally improving the lot of the underprivileged. A new socio-economic bloc has to be identified cutting across all castes and religions, where only the deserving who actually need uplift should come under affirmative action.[Jitin Prasada Blog]

Now lets add 2 and 2 of the blog (which I think more or less reflects Congress opinion). Here is some background of the census etc. From what I read here

Any householder, whether Dalit-Christian, Dalit-Muslim or any non-Hindu denomination, can opt for a Hindu caste, thereby becoming eligible for benefits available to members of that category. The Dalit-Christian and Dalit-Muslim communities in particular have been clamouring for such rights.

So, what does it mean. It means, a few things. You can choose your own caste. And second, even after conversion, you get to benefit from your old caste (atleast on paper). 

Now ostensibly this is for a new social order, but knowing the Congress it will only pave the way for more clamour for quotas. An ever increasing race to be deemed backward. Like the Jats want to and the Gujjars want to. And also its a strategy to divide Hindus - I read someplace that Lingayats (or was the Vokkaligas) were portrayed or asked to portray themselves as non-Hindus and suchlike.
Yes, this is indeed Soniajis experiment for 2019. How to divide the country further in the name of reservation. Slice and dice and get the right vote banks.

The other part which kind of goes unreported for secular reasons is that, conversions from Hinduism happen, ostensibly, because of discrimination within the Hindu  fold, as per the dominant discourse in the country. But the resistance to conversion is also because, once you convert, you lose the benefit of the reservation which is based on the Hindu caste system. But remember they have converted into religions that promise that there is no caste (and that is as blatant as a lie that you can get - because (atleast in India) there are places of worship denominated by caste and sect in both these global religions). Continue to offer these reservations and then, well, you give conversions a free run. 

Nowhere is the question that reservations are a product of shortages. And while affirmative action is required is this the right way and the only way to do it? By creating shortages? Or by giving equal opportunity as opposed to equal outcomes? And is it by dividing people by caste - which they ostensibly want to get rid of? Why not talk of reservation per generation only - so that if the parent avails it the next generation does not get it and so on and so forth...

A legacy of 60 years of Congress rule and misguided socialism has got us here. And every now and then Congress makes noise on quotas in private companies on the basis of religion - they had, after all, ordered a survey on religion within the Indian army. And of course, the meritorious leave the country at any rate. And this campaign is endorsed by leftists whose favorite party has a stellar track record of having Dalits in its politburo (the top decision making body)
Keep a close watch on this because this is Congress's Idea of India. An India divided sharply into vote banks. Divide and rule, Congress style...

Watch this space...

Caution: Undeveloped thoughts...

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