Monday, April 20, 2015

Mr. Modi go after the corrupt

Mr. Modi, one of the great things of getting a large mandate is that you can afford to do big things. Unlike others, I will not talk about big bang reforms that may re-create the universe (simply because I believe in tipping points).

But remember, one of the big parts of your campaign was the corruption under the previous government.

As promised, we have no doubt you will deliver on the Imaandar sarkaar. But just having an imaandaar sarkaar won't do. If an imaandaar sarkaar means that they will deliver a corruption free regime from the point they took over, that is like saying your predecessor was integrity personified while the minions looted millions under his nose.

Yes, that comparison is odious, even to me, but on the ground perception matters. Your friends in the media are not your friends at all have slyly equated all governmental corruption as 'government' (read your government) at worst or started to ignore those corruption scams as if they existed in another century. So, those cases are in the background for all but the most astute of political watchers.

This is where a little bit of showmanship is required. It is important to be personally incorruptible, as you are. It is important to have honest colleagues, like you have. It is important to check the bureaucracy and its various elements who may try to slip in some dishonesty, as you have no doubt seen. But it is also important for you to be seen doing more than lip service in the process of eliminating corruption. There are two aspects - one is greater transparency in government procurement and so on and so forth and better policies. The second and if you ask me, more important part is to throw in news about making CBI independent, going after crooks and feeding news about the progress in the investigations of the various scams and scandals. And currently the impression is that other than Subramanian Swamy, nobody in the government is interested.

There are enough scams flying around.

2G and its offshoots like Maxis-Aircel.
The National Herald Case.
The curious case of the damad - which can significantly blunt the #zameenwapsi campaign.
The coal scam.
The CWG Scam (whatever happened to this).
The Westland helicopter saga.
Hasan Ali money laundering case.
Saradha scam (not entirely connected to UPA, but who knows)

This is just from my memory. And I am sure there are other scams in many of those government files under your office and others.

Please unleash those animal spirits and go after the corrupt. Believe me, if none of the biggies engaged in corruption find their way into Tihar, the media will ensure that the people believe that UPA was as clean as a whistle.

So, please go after the corrupt with all your legendary zeal. Godspeed!

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