Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dharampals five volumes - 1

I got this link again from a bunch of tweets and finally downloaded all of Dharampals 5 volumes. This book is actually to be read in conjunction with Will Durants book. Will talks about indigenous knowledge and how it was destroyed. Dharampal, in his monumental work, has ploughed through English archive materials and from their documentation gathered how much indigenous knowledge India had accumulated.

The section on astrology and maths is fascinating to say the least. And to our communists an leftists who want this bit of history to be obscured - they almost call it a myth - because they want Indians (read Hindus) to believe that their ancestors were idiots who deserved to be invaded and conquered.

But that is my rant.

Dharampal goes through the archives lists out every single with references and cross references and in any other country, this would be a must read in every childs bookshelf and every history curriculum, but not so in India. In any other country they would have figured out these ancient tomes, sought them and reconstructed a future with the knowledge in them. But no, here we are taught to reject our traditional knowledge - well, if you know something you will reject it, here we don't even know enough about it.

What we lost mainly because of the English though every earlier invasion had played a part in the same - is mind boggling.

There are sections on Iron production in India, the Chennai mortar, Agriculture and the use of the drill plough, 'dammer', Astronomical advances and observatories, Mathematics...It is mind boggling. One reading has hardly got me scratching the surface...

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