Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mr. Modi you won't win if you play their game

Whatever you do, Mr. Modi you won't win...

Case in point, recent visit to Dubai - just a sample...The echo chamber started off

Start off by insinuating that Modi won't visit labour camps...(clearly unlike MMS, they don't get to accompany him on junkets or have a advance preview of what he will do, so speculative guesses are the norm)

If he does visit a labour camp, he is a fine political mind. (Note the snide first visit to a Muslim country - completely ignoring the earlier visits all the Central Asian republics)
Or gratuitous advice
But it is different strokes for different folks...

And just for memories sake, here is what Mr. Tharoor said about visiting those Central Asian republics
When "their team" did a midnight knock on Ramdev, it was perfectly alright, but when police comes to rescue someone who was being held 'captive' it is cause for outrage

The Delhi election was a litmus test for Modi - but not for Soniaji whose Congress is getting walloped in every election..
And Bihar is also a litmus test for Modi - not Soniaji...So, whatever you do you won't win Mr. Modi in the eyes of this echo chamber who profess to express of the whole country but in reality are just talking about drawing room chatter in Lutyens Delhi..

The only thing you can do is "Change the game"

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