Monday, August 10, 2015

The upcoming Bangalore municipal election is a test for Sonia Gandhi

Bangalore, Indias so called Silicon Valley is as silicon as cosmetic silicon. It is a fake. A pretender. Congress has been in power since 2013. And in the last 2 odd years, the city has become a bigger pretender.

Electricity is as predictable as the Indian monsoon and perhaps the monsoon is more reliable than the electricity in Bangalore. When it rains, electricity stops (and oh, by the way in the 21st century we are still just about getting the powerlines underground).

The sewage situation in Bangalore is so bad it will put third class cities in third world cities to shame. The sewage (much of it untreated) flows into the beautiful lakes of Bangalore - killing them slowly. What has not been killed by builders is now being killed by sewage. A few days ago, one of these lakes actually burnt - it was so polluted. At other times, when it does not burn, it froths and foams with all the untreated waste that is let into it. There is an urgent need for STPs, cleaning lakes - these noises are raised every now and then, but nothing happens.

Traffic - the situation gets worse with every passing day. Roads are clogged badly. Public transport within the city is good (thankfully a legacy of the previous government), but roads, road sense, traffic are all as bad as they get. The metro is connecting some random points  on the city map. The flyovers and the road networks have already gotten clogged and there is no plan in site.

The water supply situation is precarious - as precarious as it can get. The Kaveri river can only supply so much and there is no long term plan for Bangalore in sight. There is a haphazard ground water regulation mechanism, but in many new areas, the water mafia rules. But the level of groundwater is dropping perilously on the one hand and the existing surface water and ground water is steadily getting contaminated.

And what of garbage? Every few months, Mandur rises up in revolt - it is where the Silicon valley garbage goes to die (and kill). Garbage segregation is happening in bits and pieces, but not in a manner that makes life easier for Mandur.

(These are just a glimpse of the issues - and there is a much longer laundry list that simply keeps getting added to.)

[Into this situation the BBMP goes in for election. A state ruled by Congress and a city municipality ruled by BJP currently. And hey, all of this does not (repeat - does not) translate into any litmus test for Sonia G or ever on vacation Rahul G. At this point, this is the only major state that Congress rules - and they have nothing to show for it - and that is a reality.]

That headline is a fake, btw. Just prefix this sentence at the start of the post "In one year of Modi at the centre, nothing has changed in Karnataka". Now replace Sonia with Modi and replace what is written within [] with

[In this situation the BBMP goes for election. People are fed up of the BJP at the centre with Modi wearing monogrammed suits. Therefore they won't reelect BJP in this eleection and Congress looks like it will retain the Bruhat Bengaluru Municipal Paalike. Truly a litmus test for Modi on how the entire technology industry votes for BJP in these elections.]

...and it will read just fine. Meanwhile on litmus tests...

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