Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Fatwa on AR Rehman

And see how a liberal - Ms. Shabana Azmi reacts:

In the video linked above, Ms. Shabana Azmi, a self styled liberal - certified and approved by all the other liberals argues (hold your breath), not for the right of Mr. Majidi to make an offensive movie, but she actually says that Mr. Majidi and Mr. AR Rehman in her considered opinion cannot make a movie that offends the sentiments of a said religion. The said religion is her own and is also shared by the other two - Mr. Majidi and Mr. Rehman. And then she goes into explaining what a fatwa is.

The same Shabana Azmi (and her worse half) often go into conniptions defending Freedom of Expression when it comes to offending Hinduism. Like, in making movies that offend Hinduism. Or making a painting that offends Hindus. Not that Hindus care much about it in general, but the silence on such hypocrisy is deafening...

So now what happened? The moment it is about 'her religion' (notice, I do not name it), the boot is on the other foot. It is all about equivocation, tying herself in knots. And here, a fellow tweeter calls this hypocrisy out.
She is not alone. The other self styled activist actor who makes tear jerking TV serials on supposedly social causes has remained silent. Her better half has remained silent. And the other few big actors who come from a similar community have also remained silent. There are no protest marches in support of AR Rehman or Majidi. Or a #IstandwithARR or something like that.

And they, have, coincidentally, never, ever, spoken in favor of a certain Taslima Nasreen.

Oh, even our famous journo-tycoons have remained silent...

What gives? What is happening here? Care to see beyond the hypocrisy?

Still wonder why...

This is because our so called FoE by liberals says, "Don't offend the violent, but by all means, offend the meek".

Why the hairstylist of the liberals himself says so and gets skewered by the champion of free speech, the late Mr. Hitchens.  "Freedom of speech has consequences to the speaker - as he says in this video about 7.30 onwards


and rightfully gets slapped by Hitchens...

"Fire" says Hitchens and then wonderfully demolishes Mr. Stylist. "If your feelings are hurt, how is it acceptable to burn down a newspaper office..."

Update: Mr. Better Half has written a piece on the fatwa, but in his usual style when it comes to 'certain things' - obfuscates, equivocates, insinuations, uses a bunch of logical fallacies, writes about himself and finally blames Hinduism for everything or thereabouts.

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