Saturday, September 19, 2015

Coffee anybody?

A few days ago, I saw a hot start up make a delivery. Well, they were delivering coffee – in a flask. In a locality that is surrounded by atleast 3 coffee serving places plus darshinis plus hotels  - do you really need a bike delivering coffee made in some central locality and then burning as much petrol as the coffee to  deliver it in a flask to an office which surely has vending machines inside? Yes, you may be super particular about your coffee – so am I  - I am so particular that I make it myself using a coffee filter the traditional way. But, delivering coffee on a bike? Thoda jyaada nahi hai boss?

Or we do really need a an app for someone to collect our dirty clothes take it to a central locality wash it and get it back on a bike? Wait, an aggregator can do that job (huh?). Or perhaps, just perhaps – I can do it on my evening walk. I am too busy, but the neighbourhood guy does home collection and delivery.

I am waiting for a milk delivery app. Or a garbage collection app. Or how about this – a start up that delivers newspapers. Or stitches clothes with the neighbourhood tailor?

Well, coffee delivery guys – you are in a bubble – just waiting to be pricked. Atleast in my definition you are not solving a problem, nor creating a wow factor (like some food startups are doing), not are you eliminating a middleman or creating a service (like food aggregators), not offering something that needs a speedier service.

I am all for start ups, even food delivery start ups – even if they are mushrooming faster than mushrooms. I am all for entrepreneurship and ideas.  But there are bubbles – and they burst. Soon.

I need a good filter kappi, now...

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