Sunday, September 06, 2015

Do you support ISIS?

Surely, you have heard of ISIS? Yes, those same gang of peaceful people who are peacefully killing people?

Yes, the same gang of people who recently destroyed the Palmyra temple.

The report linked above also says, the same group of people, peacefully, beheaded the archaeologist who was oversseeing the site.

Earlier last month, the group beheaded 81-year-old Khaled al-Asaad, the archaeologist who had looked after the Palmyra ruins for 40 years [link]

ISIS has been routinely beheading people, by the way. So, that is kind of normal behavior of them.

ISIS also makes people pay taxes (different rates for believers and unbelievers). Hey, that is known as Jaziya/Jizya - take your pick.

Read more about the ISIS/ISIL here...

So my dear liberal, do you support the ISIS in what they do? Like the things described above? While you ponder over your answer, let me remind you about another person who did many of these things in India.

He is Aurangzeb. Here are some facts - all taken from this website.

One of the main objectives of Aurangzeb's policy was to demolish Hindu temples. When he ordered (13th October 1666) removal of the carved railing, which Prince Dara Shukoh had presented to Keshava Rai temple at Mathura, he had observed 'In the religion of the Musalmans it is improper even to look at a temple', and that it was totally unbecoming of a Muslim to act like Dara Shukoh (Exhibit No. 6, Akhbarat, 13th October 1666). This was followed by destruction of the famous Kalka temple in Delhi (Exhibit No. 6, 7, 8, Akhbarat, 3rd and 12th September 1667). [Link]

And about executing those who opposed him, some information... (Rival kings - like Shivaji did not execute their opponents - and definitely did not do so outside of war).

About imposing differential taxes...

In obedience to the Quranic injunction, he reimposed Jizyah on the Hindus on 2nd April 1679 (Exhibit No. 16), which had been abolished by Emperor Akbar in 1564, causing widespread anger and resentment among the Hindus of the country. A massive peaceful demonstration against this tax in Delhi, was ruthlessly crushed. This hated tax involved heavy economic burden on the vast number of the poor Hindus and caused humiliation to each and every Hindu (Exhibit No. 18). [Link]

So, between Aurangzeb and ISIS the similarities are:

Destruction of non-believers temples and artifacts - check
Beheading of opponents - check
Differential tax with an aim to convert/dominate - check

Perhaps, my dear liberal, you love Aurangzeb - and in which case you most probably will have to declare your undying love for the ISIS as well. Perhaps you will, perhaps you won't - out of the sake of political correctness or because they are not attacking India - not yet atleast.

But for me, if you support Aurangzeb, it means that you support the worst terrorists out there - in the league of Al-Quaeda and ISIS.  

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