Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sustainable Start ups anyone?

There are a lot of food delivery start ups that have come up in India. And I suppose more in Bangalore as compared to other cities.

The food delivery idea is good, is smart, works and all of that. But each time food is delivered, it is delivered wrapped in more plastic than the food itself. There is a lot of it. We ordered a couple of times and felt that there is room for some solutions there. There is only so much recycling one can do at a residence. Even so we managed to convert one of the packets into a lampshade - and while that may not be the most appropriate of solutions - it is heartbreaking to throw so much plastic that will come back to haunt our future generations.

If this is the case with one house (and we rarely order from outside) - imagine the total plastic generated.

This is not just for food delivery btw - it is actually true for other online retailers. One single book comes up in a humongous amount of cardboard and plastic. One library cling wraps every book being delivered. Plus the carbon footprint of it being delivered.

Sure, all this is a money exchange and we pay for the services.

But who does the clean up - how and when?

It is time to think of a sustainable packaging method for these deliveries.

Or maybe have an online recycler who will collect after these deliveries? Just a click away?

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