Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Media and the human mind

Many years ago, there was just television channel in India. So, everybody watched the same things. On Sunday evening, there was a special Hindi movie that would be screened. Most of India (atleast the part that understood Hindi) would watch it.

So, the next day when we went to school, the topic of discussion was always the previous evening movie or program. If you missed that news, you were left out.

Times have changed. There are numerous channels. There are channels for sports - if you want to avoid news. There are news channels, if you want to avoid music. There are channels in your own language. Simply speaking, media no longer controlled your mind.

However, if you watched the news channels - by and large - they all say the same thing - atleast the English media channels do. The newspapers also by and large all report the same news in the same way. So, while we have a number of media channels - they all say roughly the same thing.

Almost all of our news channels (the English ones) have a very strong left liberal bias. As do our newspapers. So if you grew up reading a newspaper - it is very likely that you subscribe to the view - without even you knowing it.

Which is probably why a lot of us start off with a leftist viewpoint of life - until at some later point you question a few aspects behind it. That is tough - because the matrix all around will paint you as stupid, uncool or dumb if you try to get out of it. This is why I believe that leftism is a lazy belief system. (More on this again - later).

So, if you noticed, ever since May 2014, the media has been after the NDA government.

They have used a set of words to create a subliminal messaging in your head that the government is promoting intolerance - that there is an atmosphere of hate - and have consistently carried articles and interviews to 'confirm' their viewpoint. This is so perfectly orchestrated that one would think that there is just one media channel in India.

Except that there is social media - which brings the alternate viewpoint. And like in NDA 2004, media has singing its favorite songs - that this government is bad. Except that unlike then, social media is calling out the nautanki of the people who are at it. These are the same guys who were well fed by the Congress ecosystem - who have taken many a favor from the Congress and are connected to its ante-chambers. These are the same people who get awards from the ecosystem. And everybody knows them. Thankfully, by this time, media has damaged its credibility - most people don't believe media any more.

But the moment you see something on media - question it. Once you question it, scratch the surface, you will get better answers...

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