Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Peddling victimhood

Recently, unless you have your head in the sand in a desert, India media has been fighting a battle. A fake battle. A battle where it has created its own straw man and is now spending time demolishing this straw man. The straw man argument is that India is intlolerant. And to aid this, some useful idiots have gone up on TV (or newspapers) and claimed victimhood.

The list is long and I have a few examples here.

A famous film actor - hailed as the finest - winner of national awards - claims that he is a victim.

Another famous film personality - known for some bad acting - but winner of several awards, owning a huge piece of real estate in a very expensive part of the country claims he is a victim.

An ex police commissoner - who is respected for bringing down many a gangster and terror network - and decorated with awards - claims victimhood by writing articles in newspapers.

Another film personality, who has converted from her erstwhile religion and now gives sermons to others on tolerance (despite following a non-secular approach at home) - has come out stating how much intolerance is there in this country.

(There is a bit of a deja vu here. Many years ago, a famous cricketer - who was a fine wristy player, came under betting allegation - played the victimhood card and now runs for elections as a pastime.)

All of the above are limousine liberals - these people are idolized by the general public for the talents and their contribution to India. If there was victimhood, they would  not be able to succeed - they would have been driven out of their homes, they would have had to hide - but hey, these are well to do folks who have made it big in Indian society on their own steam - like anybody else.

So, well, here is how India treats these victims. It elevates them. Awards them. People idolize them. Pay to watch their shows using their hard earned money. It gives them a level playing field. Gives some of them national awards. And at the end, instead of being grateful to the country and the audience or working on real issues, what do they do? They peddle victimhood.

But here is the thing, dear victimhood peddlers. There are victims like you and there are real victims.

By elevating your faux concern to the level of the real victims you do a grave injustice to the real victims of India. There are real victims - of corruption, of caste, of religion, of gender, of political high handedness, or bias.

By equating (or attempting to equate) the fact that your food served in a five star restaurant had less salt to the hunger of the man of the street who had no food, you are committing a grave injustice to the real victims and making a mockery of their tragedy.

And oh, by the way, there is another film personality who is taking these idiots on - whose family was  driven out of his home as part of a religious movement - and who has made it big in the industry and who has not yet claimed victimhood. That person is Anupam Kher.

Well, thank you Anupam Kher for calling out the idiots out on this one...

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