Friday, November 06, 2015

Pump and Dump - Congress ecosystem explained

There is something known as a 'Pump and Dump' strategy in the stock market. To outsiders like you and me, it is not visible. And it takes a fair bit of investigation to figure this out. But put simply, it works like this:

(from the wiki entry):

that involves artificially inflating the price of an owned stock through false and misleading positive statements, in order to sell the cheaply purchased stock at a higher price. Once the operators of the scheme "dump" sell their overvalued shares, the price falls and investors lose their money. 

This is how it happens in reality. Buy a stock at a low price. Talk up a stock using some information and spin, get a bunch of people to talk about it, buy the stock, create small movements - and keep repeating this cycle till everybody believes in it and then as it attracts more people, the original investors (who bought it at a low price) sell their stock and make money.

Now, cut to the Congress ecosystem. The ecosystem works exactly like this. Sounds a bit like the 'Emperors new clothes' or 'herd mentality'. The spinmeisters will spin the story of the greatness of someone. They will put that into your head through school curriculum, news reports, TV, books, articles, awards - you name it. Until, like the emperors new clothes you (and the population at large) believe it. Because we believed in what we read in newspapers and heard on radio and TV (until recently that is) - and they told us stories that madam wanted us to hear.

How it works: First one person in the ecosystem will go ga-ga over Ms. X. Ms. X will almost always toe the party line for anything. Or Ms. X will be related to someone who directly helped Congress or indirectly helped Congress. Or both.

Sooner or later X is praised by Y. Y writes a foreword for a book written by X. Z takes an interview on TV. P writes about it. Q nominates X as the chief of some organization. And then X, Y, Z, P, Q repay this favor to each other and to the madam at the top. Multiply this over a 100  or a 1000 across generations and see what you get.

Many of the idiots who you used to admire are all part of this industry.

Take anybody in that ecosystem and you will find that this works. A Congress Padma awardee for example, would have by and large served Congress interests - see so called journo-tycoons awarded. A writer would have among other things - written something like Indira Charisma (I kid you not).  A sportsperson (there are exceptions here mercifully) - may be used by Congress to campaign.

Things were not always this bad. But especially in the last 10 odd years of UPA, everything has been politicized.

And Rahul Gandhi and Sonia epitomise this. Lets see.

Sonia does not give a single interview - not a single interview given in 10 years. Nobody questions Sonias education (but they all question Rabri Devis education) or her knowledge or her leadership skills. The media has created an aura of mystery around someone who is barely seen making any sense beyond prepared speeches.

Cut to Rahul. Rahul gives 1 interview and flubs it so badly that people reproduce it with comedy tracks. He has been spotted reading from chits. He has been spotted given incoherent answers - the kind of answers my third standard teacher would have laughed at me for poor comprehension - even to kids - let alone competent adults. He has not been spotted saying anything meaningful beyond a sentence or two. He has been spotted copying out notes into a visitor books. And our popular press - which is a rabid part of the ecosystem - has always sung the Congress scheme of things every time Rahul launches yet another photo opportunity as part of building up his image. (This Humpty Dumpty won't stick.). We have known that people have walked out of his rally before he even begins to talk - we are never shown the reality of the 'crowds' - thin at best that dot his rallies.

Thankfully, Social Media exists to poke holes in the air balloon of the ecosystem. because the ecosystem will never ever point out the emperors new clothes - except that the social media doesn't waste time. Rahul Gandhi jokes dot whatsapp. His memes take over twitter (in a comedian sort of way). His speeches and some extremely warped dialogues (Escape velocity, Power is poison, I spoke to my mother) are subjects of satire and sarcasm. Even his interview was wildly dissed on social media, but our great press - well, what they called it you go and read.The moment he gives a prepared speech - they actually tweet similar things. The moment he goes off on yet another of his tangents - they actually croon, oh, Rahul and the revival of Congress.

Oh wait, thats the pump. Whats the dump? And then when things go against the Congress ecosystem, as it often does - these pumped up intellectuals (most of them) rise up in defence of the Congress. They shill for them. Under-report scams they commit. Put innocuous questions when it comes to Congress crimes (Where is the fraud?). And smoothly, ever so smoothly deflect Congress politician criticism to either all politicians  (People blame politicians) or blame it all back on you and me (National shame). If a Congress minister or MLA commits a crime, the party name is cleanly whitewashed...

And like in these days - these idiot intellectuals for hire are pretending that it is an emergency. Except that it is not - and the only emergency that happened was under their glorious leader.

Thats pump and dump for you!

A perfect echo chamber, until Social media created a sound of its own...where you the dump is quickly flushed down the drain. 

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